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2 Ways to Create Compelling Video Ads in Minutes

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Get a video ad up and running in minutes? Yes please.
Here are two ways to use BoomTown’s Marketing Central paired with expert content from Keeping Current Matters.
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1. Create an Ad Using Keeping Current Matters 30-Second Videos

1. Go to Marketing Central and select the Custom Video Ad program.
2. Click the “Select from Gallery” button to access a Keeping Current Matters video that is pre-populated in your account.
3. Enter your ad copy. Because the video addresses national stats, we recommend localizing the message to your audience. Try asking your audience a question, “Do you have questions about home prices in (Your Area Here)? We are here to help!”
4. Finally, choose your audience, add your budget, and activate your ad!

2. Create Your Own Video Ad Using Keeping Current Matters Data

Get your phone or camera out, it is time to make a selfie video! But first, if you have not seen the webinar that we broadcasted on June 2nd, go check it out here. (This webinar covers in depth how to leverage Keeping Current Matters and Marketing Central to create flawless ads on Facebook.)
Record yourself educating your audience about the key take-a-ways that KCM covered one of the slides. Finish the video with a few sentences that address your local market.
Remember, videos under 30 seconds perform the best so keep it short and to the point. Here are a few talking points that you may consider:

  • 1. The difference of home price appreciation leading up to the last recession, and the same data for current
  • 2. How the amount of supply on the market is different between now and the last recession
  • 3. The difference in the total amount of home equity that owners cashed out before the last recession and this one
  • 4. Home price changes during the last 5 recessions
  • 5. Benefits of homeownership
    • (a) 93% say owning a home made them happier
    • (b) 88% agreed that buying a home is the, “best decision they have ever made”
    • (c) 79% believed owning a home has changed them for the better

    When you are done with the video simply upload it to the same gallery that the KCM video is in and activate your ad. Using this strategy will position yourself as your local real estate expert!

    Tips for Creating Better Real Estate Videos

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