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Close the Year Strong: 5 Ways to Regroup, Recharge, and Reach Goals

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Summer is sailing by and Q4 is looming. Are you on track to hit your 2021 goals, or is time to reevaluate your actions and priorities to catch up? Here are 5 ways to make sure you’re doing everything, and have everything you need to achieve in 2021.


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Double Down on Lead Generation

Many are scaling back on their ad spend, but this is prime time to build that database, and prepare for the market to shift. So many claim this as the ‘height of the market,’ so consumers are stalling, but the buyers will be back, and you need to have the tech and the teams in place to make sure you’re there first.


Many of our top-performing clients have begun doubling their ad spend for buyer leads. They’re playing the long game and front-loading their database to get ahead of the market.


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Audit your Technology Solutions

Are your tech solutions working for you? Has your team adopted the systems? Now is a key time to take a hard look at the systems you have in place to see where some gaps might be. An issue we see a lot is disparate systems and point solutions that aren’t communicating with each other, and keeping data in the corner.


Audit your software and services and make sure you’re leveraging them to improve your service offering. Make sure they’re taking work off your plate, and not adding to it. Investing time in getting this right this means you can step back from the whirlwind. It means your direct involvement in every fire drill is unnecessary, and the fire drills are few and far between.


It also means that your team understands the expectations and they “why.” They know that when A happens, the next step is B, and then we move to C.


Streamlining your systems with a state-of-the-art CRM that houses everything and connects to your favorite point solutions is the way to win. It’s one log in. One data dashboard. One place for your database and marketing tools. One winning business plan in one place.


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Optimize Your Time & Delegate

Tom Ferry often talks about the “It’s Gotta Be Me” mindset. You need to make sure you’re not in it. If you’re bogged down in the administrative work in your business, not focusing on your dollar-productive activities, then you’re stifling your growth.


For example, Ferry shared that “there are 11 hours of “work” involved to close out a file during every side of a real estate transaction. How many of those 11 hours are you involved in? The best answer here is “none, Tom! I outsource it all!”


On average, BoomTown customers report that they are empowered to spend 50% more time on dollar-productive activities. Hot leads are prioritized, systems are optimized for accountability, and agents are freed up from admin work.


There’s a proven formula for success: prioritizing your time based on your most dollar-productive activities, leveraging the value of your database, and diversifying and growing your lead sources. Most real estate professionals are experts in their field, but that doesn’t mean they’re experts at digital marketing, or necessarily need to flex their expertise to nurture buyers and sellers who are far-out in the buying or selling process.


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Reinvigorate your Marketing

Markets are crowded, competition is fierce, and you need to differentiate your real estate business. So how can you cut through the noise and set yourself apart from the competition without putting more work on your plate and trying to make time appear out of nowhere?


Smart tech and customizable marketing can cut through the digital noise, differentiate you from the competition, and build trust.


  • Launch Custom landing pages to target buyers and sellers in refreshing ways (digitally!)
  • Create Automated drip campaigns keep your leads engaged, and you top-of-mind
  • Engage and Re-engage with Social Media Ads that you can create and promote with just a few clicks


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Surround yourself with a Success Network

Partnership power. Make sure you’re surrounded by the people who will support you and drive you forward. Team members, industry peers, coaches, and tech partners that help you learn, grow, and give you the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals you can learn from. Attend real estate conferences, join social media groups, and networking meetings, sign up with a coach or mentor to get the support and accountability you need to go higher.


We’re fresh off of our user conference, Unite, and it’s incredible to see what can be achieved when you’re surrounded by people who can lift you up, and share their success. Ready to put that in place in your business? Let’s get started.



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