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BoomTown Wins Company Culture Award and Moves to New Headquarters

boomtown press release

Company recognized for high-performance culture as they move into new 50,000 sq ft. headquarters to accommodate growth

CHARLESTON, S.C. – May 4, 2017 – BoomTown, the leading sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals, is pleased to announce their recent ranking on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list, recognizing 50 U.S. businesses that create an exceptional culture, and excited to showcase their new headquarters in Charleston, S.C.

“At BoomTown we’re relentlessly focused on creating amazing experiences for our customers, our employees, our community — anything we touch,” said Grier Allen, Co-founder and CEO of BoomTown. “This type of culture doesn’t happen on its own. It’s the result of ensuring everyone feels engaged and empowered, and scaling this energy through incredible growth requires a space to grow and collaborate where your values are ingrained in every aspect of the design.”

The company’s new headquarters is housed in a renovated warehouse at 1505 King street, and part of the Pacific Box & Crate development, an urban renewal project by Stephen Zoukis and Michael Wooddy of the Raven Cliff Company. With the help of the Raven Cliff team, LS3P interior planning and Interior Elements furniture sourcing, the warehouse was transformed into a bright, open office space with large gathering areas, unique meeting spaces, and custom amenities that include a bar, cafeteria, and even a dog park. The entire space was designed to provide flexible working spaces, facilitate collaboration, and suit BoomTown’s values, personality, and work style, while not losing the industrial grit of the building’s spirit.

“An overly-polished space is not the BoomTown way,” said Elizabeth Luke, BoomTown’s Work Environment Advocate. “We always say we’re like family here, and this new space was designed to feel like home. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to resurrect a building long out of use, and look forward to opening our new home to our neighbors and the community.”

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