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5 Ways to Gain Trust & Stand Out with Online Real Estate Leads

In real estate, the pace is fast and the competition doesn’t sleep. Even in a stable/normalized market. Now, it’s even more important to stand out and lay the groundwork for building a trusting relationship with your clients. Get started with these 5 tips.


1. Know Your Industry, Target Audience, and Local Market

Now is the time to not just be knowledgable but be an expert. What’s one of the number 1 reasons people work with real estate agents? They need help and guidance in making their decisions. Even if they’re not first-time-homebuyers, the process of buying and/or selling a home can feel overwhelming.
It’s your job to make them feel secure and confident in their decision.

  • Stay current with industry news: Inman, RETechnology, RISMedia, local associations, etc.
  • Follow trends and shifts in technology
  • Understand the real estate industry at the local, regional, and national level
  • Never stop learning and networking with your peers. Attend webinars and virtual events. Listen to podcasts. Ask questions!
  • *Remember: Stick to the facts and trusted sources of information. Don’t pretend to be able to predict the future. Be careful with what you share (especially when it’s your opinion).*

    2. Be Adaptable & Roll with the Punches


    Clearly, now more than ever during the COVID-19 crisis and sheltering in place, pivoting your business model is important. However, this advice spans any market.

    Understand that you can’t fight every trend in real estate and learn how to move with the tide, not against it.

  • Be aware of the status of iBuyers within your market. Be honest and communicative with your seller prospects about all of their options. (They will appreciate your transparency. Sellers want options!)
  • Technology is your friend! Adapt (and adopt) the tools that can maximize your efficiency and help you grow your business.
  • 3. Personalization


    “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde


    Be your most authentic self. Homebuyers appreciate a human-to-human interaction. Not only does this build trust and help you stand out against competitors, but it also gives you a leg up against more impersonal technology-based transaction processes.

    Remember that YOU are your brand. Focus on what sets you apart and turn that into your unique value proposition. How do you connect with your target/niche audience? Do you work with mostly first time homebuyers? Then focus on being the educator, the helper, and a guiding light. Maybe you work with a luxury or second-home clientele. Lean into your brand and be authentic.

  • Enhance the consumer experience with personal touches: record more videos, engage on social media and allow your personality to come through. Try using tools like BombBomb to record and embed personalized videos into your email communication.
  • Live by your reviews! Get creative with your client feedback and consider utilizing video testimonials.
  • Humanize the “Team” page on your website by adding silly photos or fun facts about each team member.
  • 4. Check Your Ego at the Door!


    You are in the business of people. Your job is to solve problems for homebuyers and create a better consumer experience. The most successful agents are the ones that prioritize their team and their clients over themselves.


  • Change happens. It’s time to adapt and learn to work around the road bumps.
  • It’s all about the consumer experience. There are times that you’ll have to go out of your way to go the extra mile for your clients, and it’ll be worth it!
  • Be open to learning new things, shifting your strategy, and adapting to shifts in the real estate industry or your local market.
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with other real estate professionals
  • 5. Lead with Compassion

    At the end of the day, remember that leads are people. They’re hungry for information and they want to make the best possible decision, which also happens to be one of the biggest decisions they’ll make in their lifetime. If you lead with compassion, the rest will follow.


    One thing every highly successful real estate agent has in common is that they have a crystal clear mission statement and core values. They’re leaders in their community and support businesses and causes when the time calls for it.

    Learn how BoomTown clients are tripling their business.

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