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How to Build Follow-Up Plans for Social Media Leads

Social media leads coming into your CRM from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are an entirely different group compared to the rest. Since YOU have created the demand for these leads on social media, it is also up to you to continue doing so.

Social media leads, and Facebook leads in particular, are several months out from taking action. It is YOUR job to take these highly qualified leads and guide them to the finish line.

This may sound like a lot of work, but if you follow our approach and get your processes in place now you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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Don’t Forget the Context Surrounding Social Media Leads

Through placing social media ads, and Facebook ads in particular, your advertising is creating the demand. When a lead clicks and registers on these ads they are answering your call. And you need to provide value right back to them.

Remember this when you doubt the quality of social media leads.

It isn’t that a social media lead is not a great quality lead, but rather your treatment of these leads may be sub par.

In order to handle social media leads in the right way, consider the context from which you extracted them.

For example, you wouldn’t take a referral from a friend and put them on a 6 month email drip campaign without calling right? Of course not!

Turn this situation around and you can’t immediately expect social media leads to answer your calls or want to act after you have created the demand for them.

Instead, we created a three-fold approach which combines reaching out with mobile, email, and your existing Facebook or social media communities.

Part One: When You Have a Number, Call!

No matter the temperature of your social media leads, if you have a phone number, then you need to call.

The difference here is how you approach this phone call because of the context you created for these leads. Remember, you have provided the demand through your ads, now continue the demand for your value add.

  • Tactic: Decipher why the lead picked you and how to move forward.
  • Tone: Keep it casual, don’t scare them off!
  • Take-away: The type of value does this lead needs from you.

For example:

A “Rachel” is in your system as a social media lead who clicked through and registered on Monday afternoon. She is one of the lead results from a Facebook ad campaign targeting a zip code in your new geo-farm.

You have a wealth of information to use in an introductory phone call and it is SO important to get creative and use it!

Consider the following phone introductions:

  • Option #1: Hi Rachel, this is Annie. I noticed you were browsing homes on my site and was going to send along the latest market update to the email address you provided. Is there anything else you would like some information on?
  • Option #2: Hi Rachel, this is Annie. I noticed you registered on my site. I have been working in the area for several years now and have a few homes you may be interested in now or down the road. Are there any homes that particularly caught your eye?
  • Option #3: Hi Rachel, this is Annie. I noticed you registered on my site this afternoon. Do you need any other resources to help along your home search right now?

 This is a good time to take another look at your Qualification Process.

Our quick video helps make sure you’re on track!


Part Two: Customize Your Social Media Email Follow-Up

Social media leads are more likely to interact with nurture plans over phone calls since they are farther out in the buying or selling process.

In order to keep these leads interested and coming back for more, your emails need to be filled to the brim with value.

Depending upon how your initial phone calls go, your emails should follow-up with value adds such as new listings, market updates, local calendars, offers, pertinent blog posts, and testimonials.

Do you notice something about this list above? Aside from the testimonials, these email value adds are not about you.

With this in mind, your nurture plans need to be as creative as the communities from which you pursued these leads. For example, Facebook users are attracted by catchy content. Use this to your advantage in email threads like the one below:

  • Email #1: Introduction Email
  • Email #2: Listings Email
  • Email #3: Market Update & Testimonial
  • Email #4: Listings Email
  • Email #5: Buyer’s Guide
  • Email #6: Listings Email & Temperature Check

Email #1: Introduction

Subject: Kick back and relax. New homes are ready and waiting!

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for registering on our website. Searching for a home is a big task and no matter what stage you are at in the browsing or buying process, we’re here to help.

After a decade in the real estate industry I’ve had a lot of fun helping our neighbors find their homes. You’ll see me posting on Facebook about market updates and new listings, but I’ll make sure to send along a few your way as well.

If you would like to customize the types of properties you would like to see, visit the link below:

CTA: Customize Your Home Search

Please let me know if I can help in any way!


Annie the Agent

Email #2: Listings

Subject: This is Our Favorite Home This Week!  

Hi Rachel,

We wanted to send along a few of our favorites this week!

[Property Image/Link]

[Property Image/Link]

[Property Image/Link]

[Property Image/Link]

I hope you enjoy browsing these properties. If you aren’t ready to buy just yet, but would like to see more of a certain thing, please let me know! You can easily reach me at (###) ###-####. Or you can customize your home search below:

CTA: Customize Your Home Search


Annie the Agent

Email #3: Market Update & Testimonial

Subject: Are You Prepared to Buy a Home? We’ve Got Your Back.

Hi Rachel,

Prices go up and down, but some things never change. After years as a real estate agent I know how to navigate the murky waters of buying a home in an ever changing market. Take a look at what’s been going on in your area lately:

[Utilize Local MLS Data to Create a Simple Pie Chart or Graph to Depict Market Action.]

What does all this mean for your home search? Give us a call at (###) ###-#### and we can chat about how to prepare for your future purchase.

For now, here is our latest success story:

“Annie helped our family find the perfect home at a price we were surprised we could achieve in this market. She helped us throughout the entire process even though we wanted to see several homes before going for it.”

CTA: Browse Our Home Buying Guide Here!


Annie the Agent

Pro Tip: Use the free tool, Canva, to create quick and easy pie charts, graphs, and other visuals to heighten your market update game!

Email #4: Repeat Similar Listings

Email #5: Buyer’s Guide

Subject: You’ll Never Be Caught Off Guard With These Tactics

Hi Rachel,

Whether you would like to buy a home in two weeks, two months, or two years some things never change. We’ve put together a checklist so you’re ready to go when the time comes.

CTA: Ready to Buy at Anytime Buyer’s Guide: Read Here!

If you are looking to buy over the next few months don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to learn more about what you are looking for.


Annie the Agent

Email #6: Listings and Temperature Check

Subject: What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Hi Rachel,

Do you want to see something different? You can customize your e-alerts here [link], but if you would like for me to switch it up, please shoot me an email so I can send you exactly what you would like to see. For now, here are a few of the picks this week!

[Property Image/Link]

[Property Image/Link]

[Property Image/Link]

[Property Image/Link]

You can easily call or text me at (###) ###-#### with anything you need!  


Annie the Agent

Want to Mix Up Your Emails? Here Are the 7 Emails You Should Be Using Today! 

Part Three: Close the Gap with Social Media Leads

In other words, don’t stop posting, liking, communicating, and participating on the social media outlets from which you are receiving your leads. For example, if Facebook is your thing, don’t pull your ads as soon as you deem there are “enough” leads for now.

Instead, consider tactics such as remarketing and community representation. Remarketing will help keep your brand top of mind for your current and potential leads.

What Can Remarketing Do For Your Business? Learn More Here. 

Community representation on the other hand is an easy way to be the top choice for your Facebook leads in the off chance they don’t answer your calls or respond to emails.

Facebook is an excellent space for community building. And several communities, neighborhoods, and regions have their own Facebook groups dedicated to the daily goings-on of the area.

When you are running ads for particular zip codes, join the neighborhood Facebook groups and become a participating member. Posting about local events, success stories, and real-time advice will contribute value to the group and you can gauge the members reactions to certain contributions!

Bottom Line: Stay Focused With These Leads!

This three fold approach was created to handle the profiles of social media leads. Social media may hold a challenge at first, but consider the benefits from taking the time to create a multi-channel approach right now. And then you can reap the benefits of this plan for years to come.

Of course there are strategies to make any lead follow-up approach easier. One of which is working with a predictive CRM. These systems automate the process of finding properties best fit to your leads, AND automate your customized lead follow-up plans all in one place.

With your processes all in one place, you can keep your eye on the lead follow-up prize with any type of lead.

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