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How to Win in Real Estate on Facebook in 2020

Look, we know it can feel like the Facebook algorithm has more costume changes than Celine Dion’s Vegas residency. But with just a bit of thoughtful strategy, we’re here to make sure your digital ad game is as strong as ever in the new year. In this month’s How-To Webinar Series, we will be covering everything you need to know to crush your digital strategy.   

The How-Tos We'll Cover:

  • How to choose your objective
  • How to target like a pro
  • How to set your budget and schedule
  • How to test, track, and optimize
  • How to automate with Marketing Central
  • Plus! Facebook Updates in 2020

P.S., Did you know Facebook owns Instagram? You may have heard the news that Instagram is removing 'likes!' We'll also cover what this means for real estate businesses and how to pivot your Insta strategy to keep up your organic engagement.