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Happy Holidays! Your Real Estate Gift-Giving Guide

The holidays are upon us (said everyone since mid-August). That means you can’t run an errand without being confronted by piles of red bows, candy canes and discounted gourds reminding you that it’s time to get on the ball!


Take advantage of the holiday season this year and spread some cheer to your clients and colleagues. Check out a few of our favorites below!

Gifts For Your Fellow Real Estate Agents

  1. Customized Contact Cards: Instagram is the social media powerhouse of 2018. Social Print Studio takes your Instagram pics (or photos from your computer) and turns them into mini-square business cards. Put a favorite local photo into the customizable order form, slap a catchy phrase on the back and there you go! Instant in-person social sharing.

Begin Crafting Your Cards Here! 


  1. Is it chilly in here or what? Must be your awesome cooler bag! An oldie, but goodie. These days, the agent that goes above and beyond is the agent that comes out on top. Always be ready for an impressive client experience with a branded cooler in the back seat, at the ready with water, iced tea, snacks, and a mini bottle of champagne just in case!

Go the extra mile and customize your own koozies. This way your clients will always leave the house hunting trip with a cheers-able item! Start here

  1. There seems to be a punny coffee mug out there for everyone. And goodness are there options. BoomTowners love a good pun almost as much as we love hearing about your success (we also love to be corny). Below are a few top picks for this year’s coffee enthusiast:  
  1. What better gift than the investment of education? Check out your training and coaching options this holiday season. Now this option may not be as punny, but it sure as anything pays off. And listen in brokers and team leaders! Your fellow real estate pros will have no one else but you to thank when their business starts expanding after a good ole training session with your tech provider, or a visit from the real estate coaching fairies.

Send a BoomTown Library Video in Your Next Team Email!

They’re Free and Available Here.

  1. The real estate t-shirt. If you don’t know anything about someone except their t-shirt size, then go for the gold and order one of these right now! Our favorite is the “Location Location Location” option: 

#real estate agent

Will Give Real Estate Advice for Tacos

Location Location Location

Gifts For Your Real Estate Clients

  1. If you close a deal in December and the client welcomes holiday cheer, a front door wreath should be in order. Crowning the house with a celebratory wreath made of local flora is an excellent way to congratulate and welcome a new family into their home for the holidays.
  1. Cut to the chase with a cutting board or charcuterie platter. Find a local carpenter or woodworking guru and join forces. Charcuterie or cutting boards are perfect for any party, last minute guest, or night-in. And in the meantime, you will foster more local connections and refer the new property owner to your favorite woodworker. Who knows? They may need a new kitchen table as well! We’re talking about something like this: inspiration
  1. Framed map or architectural drawing. A painting or drawing of your client’s new home is a nice gift as well, but we love the look of an architectural rendering or map in a classic frame. This works fantastically for older homes if you can find antiqued versions at town hall.
  1. Spare keys with a personalized key chain. Go the next step and make it easy on your new homeowners. Have their first set of spare keys ready with a home-related key chain. Make sure to place your subtle logo somewhere on the keychain!
  1. A quality custom doormat serves as a constant reminder of your help throughout the home search. And if that doormat lasts a long time? Your clients won’t forget it. Go for the home accessories that make the most impact and won’t necessarily be the first thing a homeowner would buy for themselves. Those are the items that will keep you top of mind and bring a smile to their face. Check out our favorite doormat maker extraordinaire The Doormatory!


  2. For the locavores in your area, gift them a CSA for the following season. If you are getting the local food friendly vibe from your clients, there is nothing better then entering them into a seasonal farm food fresh delivery. CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a platform supported in many towns both big and small. You sign up on a subscription basis, or pre-paid before a growing season and then receive weekly deliveries of fresh produce, eggs, and other local products.


Gifts For Your Real Estate Broker

  1. Go big or go home on this one and gift your lovely broker a drone for the holidays. This is a gift that keeps giving for the entire business’s aerial abilities. And the bonus? You’ll have a super cool team picture ready to go for 2019!
  1. They may not be pounding the pavement and door knocking any longer, but it’s always nice to remind them of the good old days with a Fitbit! These also make excellent client raffle gifts if you are in the market for a holiday gift giveaway item.
  1. For the broker who is still trying to do everything for everyone, give the gift of a digital assistant. BoomTown clients have flocked in droves to the digital assistant world. This is the perfect solution for those gap years in which you don’t yet need an admin, but could 100 percent use the help scheduling your busy life.
  1. Off visiting conferences and coaching sessions? The Echo Smart Pen will keep all of your notes at the ready.
  1. The ultimate gift? BoomTown! Boomtown has the ability to provide a work life balance, a solid support team available during your work hours, and technology built to make your business soar. Now that sounds like a gift for the ages!



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