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Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts (With Links to Our Favorite Episodes!)

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1. Kevin & Fred’s Next Level Agents Podcast 

Want honest advice from some of the real estate industry’s best? Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver have decades of experience behind their belts, and they’ve decided to put their knowledge into snackable audio lessons. What I like about this podcast is that it features actionable advice any real estate professional can act on immediately. But don’t take it from me. Go ahead and have a listen!

Favorite Episode: Say Goodbye to Sales that Fail: How to Negotiate Offers as Listing Agent

2. Harvard Business Review Ideacast 

This podcast is the real deal for anyone who manages a team of one or hundreds. It is not real estate specific, but the shared principles and business acumen are for the books no matter your industry. For a holistic education in management, marketing, and economics, the Harvard Business Review has you covered.

Favorite Episode: #568 Break out of Your Managerial Bubble

3. Hack the Entrepreneur

Starting your own real estate business? Sit down and listen up! Another non-real estate specific, but knock-it-out-the-park show is Hack the Entrepreneur by Jon Naster, best selling author and business strategist. This show encompasses everything entrepreneur, so there is something for every obstacle you could face. Which if you’ve ever started a business, you know this list is never ending.  

Favorite Episode: #321 Understanding Business as a System of Inputs

4. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Would this list ever be complete without #ASKGARYVEE and all things Gary Vaynerchuk? We don’t think so. Gary V’s Audio Experience feed is filled with keynotes, interviews, the infamous #ASKGARYVEE episodes, and more. Quickly becoming the Ted Talks of business and #hustle, this show will get you moving when you need motivation and give you the stories to show you too can make it happen if you equip yourself with the right mindset.  

Favorite Episode: Get Off Your Ass & Get Noticed with Chase Jarvis

5. Tom Ferry Podcast

This guy isn’t new to the real estate scene. He’s been around the block when it comes to coaching and all things real estate, but there is a reason his advice stands the test of over two decades of real estate success. His podcast reviews every facet of this industry ranging from multi-million dollar client issues to agents just starting out. There is an episode for everyone here.  

Favorite Episode: #3 How to Attract More Perfect Clients.

6. Unlisted with Brad Inman

 The founder and owner of interviews top producers and influencers in the real estate industry. Brad Inman has built one of the most referenced real estate news hubs of our day, and this podcast is an opportunity to hear his conversations on a range of real estate tips and topics.

Favorite Episode: #8 How a Top Producer Thinks and Acts

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7. Bigger Pockets Podcast

If you are interested in investing, this podcast and community is for you. The Bigger Pockets Podcast and its resources have enabled thousands of real estate careers and investment opportunities over the past few years. Even if you have an inch of interest in passive income opportunities, this is for you.

Favorite Episode: #221 Buy and Hold Real Estate — What Works and What Doesn’t  

8. Caravan Confessions 

If you appreciate real estate humor, then Eric Simon of The Broke Agent, will be able to provide a rolling queue of hilarious industry tales. Head on over to this show for endless commiserating and jokes about the rationale of real estate clients.

Favorite Episode: #9 Knock Before You Enter 

9. Agent Caffeine

Topping the charts since 2011, industry guru Kelly Mitchell interviews and excerpts some serious real estate secrets. Listen to conversations surrounding the intersection of technology and real estate with topics ranging from strategy, advertising, marketing, sales, branding, and more.

Favorite Episode: #220 Internet Conversion Rates with Dirk Zeller 

10. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Real estate coaching team, Julie and Tim Harris, share actionable advice every day of the week. This duo specializes in episodes geared towards getting you to accomplish something today, not talking about doing it “down the road” or “when you have time.” If you’re looking for specific advice with a plan ready to put in place, this is where to find it.

Favorite Episode: Your 12-Week Plan to Seller Communication Success

Bonus – Simon Sinek’s Start with Why

Fans of Simon Sinek’s take on marketing and understanding a deeper level of The Why will love this podcast. Stories of people who embody The Why put living examples into action alongside Sinek’s principles of business and life. The real estate industry has a tendency to forget leads are people who appreciate human interaction. This podcast will help you get there again, and again, and again.  

Favorite Episode: #3 The Human Side of Business 

Need a change of pace? These information-addict podcasts will get you to and from your appointments in no time.

Creative Mornings: Global breakfast lectures centered around a monthly theme. Check their website to see if your city hosts these chats. Helpful hint: real estate businesses can sponsor the breakfasts and spotlight their own companies.  

Listen for: Entrepreneurial inspiration and locals who have the “it” factor.

99% Invisible: Ever wonder why car dealerships have blow up men in front? Or if the same architect designed an entire town? Roman Mars, creator of 99% Invisible delves into the questions you never knew you wanted to know. And now you have the answers.

Listen for: Excellent trivia potential and super interesting research.

Radiolab: Dive into the space where science, the human experience and our world meet. These podcasts are conversational, well researched and insanely cool to listen to. Get ready to tell all of your friends to listen, it’ll pull you in quick!

Listen for: Unraveling your inner child and releasing boundless curiosity.

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