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Bob Lucido // The Bob Lucido Team

The Bob Lucido Team is the #1 Keller Williams team in the world, comprised of over 150 real estate professionals.

Bob didn’t set out to be the #1 team. He set out to be the most respected team in the nation. That integrity and vision is what has driven his growth and maintained his status as a top producer.

Building an All-Star Team by Providing Value

Bob had three goals from the very beginning.



Becoming the most respected team in the nation means building a community of partnerships. It means hiring strategically and then adding as much value to those agents as possible. To meet two of his goals (have fun and make money) that means providing his agents with the best technology, tools, and company culture.

“I have many weaknesses, but one of my greatest strengths is team building, helping people grow their team. And that’s why we’ll hopefully exceed over $800 million in sales this year by helping people grow their businesses.”


BoomTown made it possible for Bob to attract top talent. With a robust system of expert lead generation and management, he had a pipeline in place to show potential hires. Every day his team takes advantage of tools like the NOW Opportunity Wall, which prioritizes the hottest leads in real time based on the lead’s actions. They take advantage of SmartDrip texting and emailing, which automates their lead follow-up, allowing personalized communication at the most opportune time – without the grunt work.

The Bob Lucido Team looks for these five things when they recruit talent:

  • Are they a team player?
  • Are they coachable and willing to learn?
  • Do they have integrity? Will they do the right thing?
  • Are they service-oriented?
  • Do they have the “tiger in their eye”? Are they passionate and driven?