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Olivia Cooley // The Olivia Cooley Group

When Olivia Cooley entered the real estate space, she knew that she didn’t want to just sell houses. She wanted to start a business, empower a team, and be the best. When she combined those goals with the right system, she created a team that reached over 400 follow-ups a day, ranked in the top 2% of Keller Williams worldwide, and doubled their volume in 2017.

Knowing When to Expand

At the start, Olivia was working 12-hour days and with most of her time consumed by paperwork, cold-calls, and follow-ups. Always playing catch-up, she’d put sticky notes on the wall with leads, and end up following up with them 3 or 4 weeks later. When she made a sale, that would mean 30-45 days of working on the contract to close, which prevented her from focusing on generating new leads.

Olivia recognized that when you are stretched too thin, opportunities for growth can slip through the cracks. When she hired her first assistant in March of 2016 she had $75 in her business bank account. It was a risk, but she knew that if she didn’t hire some help at that very moment that she would never have the time and resources to grow her bank account much further than that.

In their first year, the Olivia Cooley group closed 43 transactions and did $6 million in volume. Even with a solid first year under her belt, she still felt confined to her sphere, and totally consumed with hands-on lead nurturing and sales. It was a true ‘scale up or stay still’ moment.

Invest in more opportunity, or hang in the comfort zone.

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