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5 Things You’re Doing that Your Real Estate CRM Should be Doing for You

Time is of the essence. Boy is it right now.  Everyone is strapped for time, juggling more than we’re used to…and generally in desperate need of systems and solutions to help things run smoother.


So, here’s a start: what things are you spending time on that should be handled by your CRM?


Our most productive clients, the process ninjas who are so used to hearing “how do they do it all?” have chimed in with their strategies and the top things they used to try to handle on their own. Here they are:


Lead Generation Real Estate Plan

Keeping your real estate team accountable and connected

We’re all feeling a bit disjointed. Whether your team is in the office, all remote, or some combination thereof, lean on technology to track performance (individual and team), and serve as your operations hub. This means everything is tracked in one place. Communication data is stored in one place, expectations are clear and progress is measured. No matter where you are.


What’s helpful to track? There are several KPIs that’ll determine if your conversion rates will be on point.  In BoomTown’s CRM the Vitals Dashboard is one of our most-used features. Like a report card for a team or brokerage, it gives brokers instant insight into their agents’ performance and benchmarks their performance against other users customers with similar team size and tenure.


This report measures:

  • Active Opportunities
  • Under Contract opportunities
  • Closed opportunities
  • New Leads
  • New Leads that have been contacted
  • New Leads that have not been contacted
  • Response times


There’s also an agent leaderboard, and an agent-specific version of the Vitals Dashboard that lets agents track and monitor their own performance.


Brokers can take action in real-time too. If Agent A has 10 new leads not contacted, in one click from the report, those leads can be reassigned, sent a bulk text or email, or a reminder can be sent to the agent.


Now that’s some serious help staying on top of it!


Real Estate Lead Generation

Boosting virtual engagement with homebuyers and seller leads


Markets across the country are heating up, but attention is squarely online. Is your CRM providing virtual solutions to meet your prospects where they are, deliver value, and drive your business forward in these digital times?


For many agents, the biggest relationship-building has been face-to-face, and they’re left floundering with new restrictions and varying comfort levels.


Make sure your CRM lets you leverage virtual tools that’ll engage your prospects. This means promoting virtual tours in your search, allowing leads to request these tours via video chat, and providing the option to sort and filter properties by those with virtual tours.


Our clients have seen so much success by letting prospects “Join a Virtual Open House” as well. These virtual showings are scheduled by the agent, hosted through Facebook or other MLS tools, and the event link is seamlessly integrated into their listings via the MLS. Agents can also highlight their properties with virtual tours in automated e-Alerts that are tailored to their prospects’ preferences.



Lead Generation Plan

Offering integrated services to offload your lead management


Growth comes from strong lead gen and processes for conversion. As lead generation efforts pay off, and pent-up demand is unleashed in your market, it can be a struggle for agents to respond to an influx of new leads while juggling active clients (and life!).


Lead management services are at-the-ready to do the heavy-lifting, but it’s key to have your services and software work hand-in-hand. BoomTown clients who are using our Success Assurance program (our team of concierges who respond to new leads 24/7 in as little as 90 seconds and nurture for up to one year), can rest assured that their leads are being expertly handled, but they can also track and customize the experience right from the CRM.


All concierge communications are visible in the CRM (in real-time), and agents can monitor them (through the mobile app too), tailor or edit the scripts, and jump in at any point.


No transferring data. No manual back-and-forth. You don’t have time for that, so don’t let it suck your energy and resources down further.


Real Estate Lead Generation

Leveraging market insights to seize more market share


Back to our digital world…you know that leads are the lifeblood of any business, and it’s time to lean into online leads more than ever. So many businesses are scaling back in fear and uncertainty, but if you have the right tools to help you easily capture opportunities, this can be a time to take some serious market share.


Digital advertising can be a daunting process. A very involved undertaking…it doesn’t have to be. Don’t let this become a manual, effort-laden time suck. Target your prospects with social media ads, but don’t go down the rabbit hole of having to learn the ins and outs of Facebook advertising. Leverage a solution that automates both the ad creation and audience-targeting process instead!


A self-serve ad portal that’s intuitive and user-friendly, will help even a beginner:


  • Build advertising campaigns through channels such as Instagram and Facebook to highlight active listings, promote open houses, and showcase successfully sold properties.
  • Create powerful retargeting campaigns that generate content a lead would be most interested in, and bring “abandoners” back to your website
  • Leverage built-in reporting to get results in real-time and optimize your ad spend
  • Show your listing clients how much exposure their property receives, and how effectively you can promote it!


Our clients who are crushing their digital ad game are leveraging BoomTown’s Marketing Central ad builder to drive more engagement with their database, generate more leads for their listings, and show real-time value to seller clients. (Here’s what the folks at Inman news had to say about Marketing Central). And they’re creating these ads in seconds. Seconds!


Real Estate Lead Generation

Tracking lead behavior and serving up opportunities in your database


Your database is a gold mine. Don’t let that investment, those hard-won names and numbers collect dust and go on to purchase or list with someone else. Your CRM should be tracking every action a leads takes on your site. It should be surfacing insights that your agents can act on like “back on site after a month” or “just favorited a property.” Even “currently on site.” These alerts let you know they’re ready, and they’re active, and you have a reason to reach out.


To make it even simpler, you should receive a tailored list of your best opportunities too. A prioritized, predictive list of leads that need immediate attention. The low-hanging fruit. Easy wins.


And it should be simple to take action. Generate interest with personalized drip campaigns that send emails and texts on behalf of agents. Allow agents to focus on leads who are closer to transacting by automating communication with leads who are 6+ months out.


The business you’ve always wanted is waiting…


Is your CRM handling your top needs and keeping your business together? Is it proactively delivering opportunities and driving success? If not, it’s time to build some time back into your day and put some control into the chaos. In every crisis, there’s always opportunity. Opportunity to disrupt old ways of thinking and build it better.

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