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3 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

2019 holiday real estate estate gift giving guide

Somehow it’s that time of year again! Before you know it you’ll be going full-speed ahead into 2022. While the holidays are a great time to slow down, enjoy family time, and focus on business planning… we all know there is always the opportunity to generate more business. So here are a few quick marketing ideas to capitalize on this holiday season!

1. Host a “Holiday Party” Open House

If you have the right property for a great open house – this is a simple way to elevate the occasion.



Here are a few tips for executing the perfect party

  • Plan ahead and create festive, holiday-themed invitations
  • Encourage them to invite their spouse and bring the kids along
  • Add some decorative touches to make the house feel cozy and welcoming
  • Cater some seasonal hors d’oeuvres (or if you’re on a tight budget, simply bake some festive desserts)
  • Put together small swag bags with holiday treats, branded swag from your business, and contact information for setting up an appointment

Not big on open houses? No worries, there are still ways to use a holiday party to boost your marketing efforts. Consider throwing a client appreciation party at your office space or partner with a bar to do an invite-only happy hour.


2. Give an Annual Gift (In Person!)


There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start a tradition! Set aside some of your marketing budget for annual gift-giving and get creative. If you can figure out a way to do it in person, even better. You get more face-time with past and future clients, and they feel more connected to you.


Who should you give a gift to? Start with past clients (especially, recently sold!), hot leads, vendors, community members.


client appreciation housewarming gift recently closed real estate


Here are a few ideas for business-generating gifts

  • Consider partnering with a local bakery and invite clients to come get a pie or box of cookies, on you! Schedule an afternoon to be there giving out the goodies, and let your clients know they can pick up their gift between 3-6pm. This is a great way to get more conversations going, touch base with old clients who may have fallen out of touch, and establish a yearly tradition that everyone will love!


  • Put together a special housewarming gift for every client that closed on a new home this past year. It could include gift cards to home improvement stores, a wine bottle with a custom housewarming label, etc. And don’t forget a handwritten note!


  • Create some unique holiday-related swag that is different every year. Socks, hats, mugs, candles, tree ornaments… get creative!

3. Create a Neighborhood Guide to the Holiday Season


They say content is king, right? Use the holidays as an excuse for boosting your organic traffic! Schedule some time in November to put together a neighborhood “Who, What, Where?” Guide to the Holidays. Example: “Your Ulitmate Guide to Nashville’s Holiday Season!” Sprinkle in some information about the city, the neighborhood, and why you love serving it.




You might even consider sponsoring some of the events and giving your readers a promo code for a discount to events and celebrations around town. This could be a blog post or downloadable PDF, but also be sure to share your insights on all of your social channels! (Pro Tip: This is a great topic for Facebook or Instagram Live.)

Last, but not least, remember the holidays are all about personal touches! Make sure you take some time to show your genuine gratitude towards your clients, colleagues, employees, vendors, and community members that are all a part of the business you’ve built.

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