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5 Ways BoomTown Websites Convert Real Estate Leads

If you’ve had the same website for the past ten years, you probably don’t know that you have the potential to be converting visitors at a higher rate. These days, it’s not enough to simply have a website. You need to have a good website that people like to use and spend time on.

Our teams at BoomTown have spent a lot of time and research to ensure that our clients’ websites are designed to attract and built to convert. How does your website compare?

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Freedom of Design

Are you tired of outdated websites that all look the same? So are all your potential clients! With BoomTown’s websites, you get the freedom of design. We don’t force you into one website theme that looks the same as everyone else’s. Choose a design from collection of themes, and then our team will customize it to reflect your company’s brand so you stand out above the competition.

Everyone wants to look their best, and your website is the face of your business. Your website is the first impression anyone gets of your company, and if your website is outdated, clunky, and hard to work with, that is what they will think of your company.

Our team of designers and developers create beautiful, branded websites that are intuitive and user-friendly. Visually-pleasing large photos enhance the user experience to captivate your audience and keep them coming back to your site.
Real Estate Lead Generation

A Powerful Tool For Clients

It’s not enough to just have a pretty website. There has to be substance beneath the appearance. With empowered search capabilities and the ability to manage their own accounts, we give visitors a sense of power in their quest for the perfect home.

With a BoomTown website, users can narrow down their search options based on selective criteria such as price range, neighborhood, number of rooms, interior and exterior features, and more. Your clients can mark properties as favorites, save search filters, and customize e-Alert options to receive updates on new properties.

With BoomTown, we don’t just provide our clients with a basic website. We provide a powerful tool for both the real estate agent and the home-searching visitor.

One of our newest website features is the Property Comparison tool, which allows users to compare up to four different properties side-by-side to find their perfect home. With BoomTown, visitors have all the tools they need to make confident and educated decisions.

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Keep People Coming Back

We have mastered the art of attraction. Well, maybe not in our personal lives, but at least with real estate leads!

Your website should give the user what they want. While other syndication websites take hours (or days!) to refresh their data, our IDX-enabled sites are updated every 30 minutes, so visitors can see the freshest listing data available. Users are also able to favorite certain properties and save searches to come back to later.

Our e-Alert emails also have a proven track record of bringing leads back to your website for more. The emails are visually pleasing and contain relevant and enticing information that makes people want to click for more. In fact, while the industry average for email open rate rests at 2%, BoomTown’s e-Alerts have a stunning open rate of 75%. The real estate industry average click through rate is 21%, but our e-Alerts have a 76% click through rate.

Real Estate Lead Generation

The Best in Lead Generation

We know, everyone claims to be “the best” in the industry. However, we can back up that statement. Our Digital Marketing Team has over a decade of experience between them, and we have been doing digital advertising longer than any other real estate technology company out there. BoomTown is also the only Google AdWords Premier Partner in the industry.

Our numbers speak for themselves. Our digital advertising Click-Through Rate is 88% higher than the real estate industry average. Our conversion rate is also 152% higher than the industry average. BoomTown’s team of digital marketing experts work hard to bring buyers and sellers to your digital doorstep.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Constant Testing and Tweaking For Improvement

Technology never stands still, it is constantly evolving. So your website shouldn’t stay static either. Our developers and marketers consistently test CTAs, processes, and graphics to update our clients’ websites to perform at the highest capability.

We are constantly working behind the scenes to give the home-searching visitors what they want in a real estate website, while providing agents the information and top-notch technology they need to make connections, close deals, and run a successful real estate business.

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