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How to ‘Day Trade Attention’ with your CRM the Gary Vee Way

Attention is an increasingly scarce commodity. People are exposed to something like 5,000 marketing messages every day — up from 2,000 a day three decades ago.

The buying and selling of attention — or what Gary Vaynerchuk calls “day trading attention” — can be summarized as how to earn people’s time. So when you’re trying to help your real estate business stand out to your prospects, how do you capture their attention and separate yourself from all the noise? We took Gary Vee’s powerful marketing advice, and applied it to leveraging your real estate CRM. Now you can day trade attention like a boss.


Be There When They Want You

Use your real estate CRM to connect with prospects at the exact moment they want to connect.

When it comes to gaining your prospects’ attention, you have to be available the moment they want you. That might sound impossible considering how many leads you have to handle, the demands of current clients, the daily whirlwind and life in general, but that’s where a smart real estate CRM comes in.

If you’re using a CRM with predictive technology, your prospect’s website activity, email engagement, and communication history are being tracked and monitored. This means your software can tell you who to reach out to, when to reach out, and what to talk about.

BoomTown’s CRM tracks every action a lead takes on your site and empowers you with insights they can act on. You have all the tools—accessible anywhere—to predict, accelerate, and act on opportunities.

  •  If a lead is newly registered, you’ll get an alert.
  • If someone is back on the website re-engaging after months of no activity, you’ll get an alert.
  • If a property has been favorited and a showing has been requested, you’ll immediately get an alert.

It’s moments like these that are sifted through and served up, so you can be at the ready as soon as the time is right with no guesswork and no wasted time.

The system will even take your hotsheet and turn it into a visually compelling version in your CRM. You can see new listings, status changes and price updates from your MLS right in the CRM. The system then matches hot listings to home buyers without sorting through your database. If there was ever a time when a prospect wanted to be contacted, it was certainly when their dream home came on the market, or the price was reduced on a house they had favorited!


Be There Where They Want You

The right real estate CRM should help you communicate in the way your prospects want.

Gary said in a recent website design meeting he decided that the desktop version of the website should appear broken with a message “Hey jerk it’s 2017 go get your phone.” While this may be a bit extreme (God love him) it bears mentioning that while many people have been smart about their website, their landing pages, their marketing efforts, so many of them don’t carry over to the mobile environment.

This is where your end consumer is living. Your website and social presence need to be cultured in a mobile-first environment, and so should your work. Period.

With a real estate CRM, it is critical that your technology is providing mobile-first content and enabling you to provide a stellar mobile experience. Texting capabilities through your CRM are one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal to capture your prospects’ attention and communicate with them in an effective way.

Texting Real Estate


“90% of people respond to texts in under 5 minutes” -Tom Ferry.


Even if you have your “call within 5 minutes” policy thoroughly sorted, there is still an average of 6 attempts (or more) to make contact with a lead.  Note that this isn’t 6 attempts for a positive response or even an appointment necessarily, but just for any contact whatsoever.

Even compared to using an auto-dialer text messaging can greatly decrease the number of attempts necessary to qualify a lead, verify their information is correct, and start a real conversation. So far in our own system, we’ve seen some excellent results for texting vs. calling, and we highly recommend trying it in addition to your calls.


Give Them Content They Want from You

Provide value and relevant content to your prospects with a real estate CRM.


“It’s all predicated on value exchange. Empathy is the most important way to measure the value exchange meter with your target audience. It’s about context, not content…bringing someone the value that they need without asking for anything in return.” -Gary Vaynerchuk


If you’re using your real estate CRM to deliver highly-tailored drip campaigns, and you’re consistently focusing on content that is in the best interest of your prospects, then you’ll immediately put yourself ahead of most of the competition and win the attention (and loyalty) of your prospects. Delivering relevant, and timely information leads to meaningful conversations and helps build relationships that will last.


“Most businesses are not playing the marathon. They’re playing the sprint. They’re not worried about lifetime value and retention. They’re worried about short-term goals.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

So many buyer and seller leads are far out in the process. Many agents think they are “bad leads” or a waste of time, but that’s only if you’re not leveraging the right tools in your real estate CRM to nurture these leads into clients. Again, time is a huge factor here. It’s not feasible to manually nurture these types of leads, so a predictive and smart CRM is crucial to your success.

In BoomTown’s CRM, useful insight into buyer and seller interests and behavior lets your team send the most relevant information and targeted alerts. Prospects stay engaged and informed — ready to take action when their dream home comes on the market, or when it’s time to list their home.

Get a Real Estate CRM that Works for You


“For a consumer to get excited about something, to be compelled to click an ad or watch a video, it comes down to caring about your audience’s attention. And in order for you to win, they really need to consume it. That’s the game.” -Gary Vaynerchuk


With the ebb and flow of “hot” social media platforms, Gary believes that too many people are grossly underestimating just how substantial the culture shift in marketing really is. The first step to successfully navigating this new frontier is to accept that this is real. It’s the new normal. And now it’s your job to leverage the right real estate CRM to help you find where your target audience is and allow you to tell your story and share your value through that medium.



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