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How to Get Yourself on the REAL Trends Top 250

What does it take to get a leg up on the competition and land at the top? Every powerful broker and top producing agent has their own unique story; their own recipe for success. But after working with the industry’s best and brightest for over a decade, we’re confident in pinpointing strategies and best practices that these elite groups have in common.

A shifting market with a healthy dose of uncertainty means these best practices are more important than ever. It’s time to dig into the fundamentals and do the legwork that is proven to drive success. In this webinar, Treasure Davis and Stephen Cooley (Ranked in REAL Trends Top 250), bring you the How Tos you need to make it happen.

The How-Tos We'll Cover:

  • How to leverage the right tools
  • How to capitalize on opportunities in challenging landscapes
  • How to pivot like a winner in any market
  • How (and when) to hire and retain talent
  • How to instill accountability
  • How to cultivate a culture of success