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How to Leverage Marketing Automation: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Email Real Estate Leads

The best marketing campaign reaches the right people at the right time, with the right information on the right device. But how on earth is it possible to scale this type of service? With an intelligent CRM and automated marketing capabilities. An organized, predictive CRM will sort and segment contacts by intent and relevance, act as a central command center that helps you build, execute, and track your marketing strategies.

Here are four steps to create automated marketing campaigns that turn opportunities into conversations, and conversations into closings.

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan
Make your Database More Manageable

Sort and segment your database into relevant target audiences

Identifying your audience is the most important step to building any marketing campaign. This is foundation that supports the rest of your efforts, and without clearly defined categories, everything else will crumble.

Picture the names and numbers in your database like people in a room. In that large crowd there are multiple audiences: sellers, buyers, first time homebuyers, hot leads, leads that are 6 months out, you name it.

Each group represents a separate target audience that you need to market to appropriately. With the right CRM, transforming your looming database into workable lists is simple.

In BoomTown’s CRM, the system automatically categorizes leads based on interest, activity, and past interactions. Custom categories and tags can be created in one click to create marketable segments. For example in your “Hot” “Buyer” category, you could have a tag for leads looking at homes in a certain neighborhood, or under a certain price point.

These types of features make it easy to get very targeted and personal with your messaging, to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign.

Real Estate Lead Generation
Create Content that Drives Conversations

Develop relevant campaigns based on the needs of your audiences

Now that you have your database into manageable buckets, you can easily create relevant content based on that audience’s need.

No more “one message fits all” mentality (because it doesn’t work). For example, your message to a real estate lead that downloaded an eBook on your website is going to be different than a message to a lead that came in from a listing on Zillow.

  • Customizable templates in a real estate CRM allow you to tailor emails and text-messages with a lead’s information and create a message to address their needs and keep them engaged.
  • Adjust your message as leads show they’re getting closer to making a buying or selling decision and point them to content or pages on your website that will be of value to them.

Once these campaigns are created, your CRM will deploy them based on rules and triggers from your lead’s behavior.

If a new lead registers on a BoomTown site and designates a price range of neighborhood of interest, they will automatically be set up to receive e-Alerts and receive notifications on your behalf alerting them to properties that come up and are relevant to their search.

For leads that are further out in the buying or selling process, long-term automated drip campaigns are the perfect way to nurture relationships. When your database is powered by a predictive CRM, and you’ve organized your leads appropriately, you can create follow-up plans that are also automatically triggered based on lead behavior. BoomTown’s CRM even has a sharing library, where you can borrow and customize pre-created plan based on any marketing situation you can imagine.

Not only is this taking the work off of your plate, but since your CRM is tracking every action, you’ll even understand how their search is progressing and what level of engagement they’re showing.

Create campaigns that are relevant to different segments of your audience like a neighborhood update for those searching in the same area, comps and market updates for your seller leads, emails to help generate referrals from past clients, birthday and anniversary check-ins, you name it!

Lead Generation Plan

Track and Measure your Campaign Performance

Determine the goal of each campaign and monitor the engagement it drives

Now that you have marketing campaigns set to work your leads on your behalf, it’s important to make sure you have a clear goal behind each one and are tracking the performance to gauge what’s working with your lead follow up.

  • What actions do you want your audience to engage in?
  • What type of influence or advocacy are you looking to draw back from them? For example, by sharing quality educational content, you showcase your authenticity and insights to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

The right CRM will track open rates, responses, and log each interaction automatically. This makes it easy to see what emails are working, and where you might want to improve.

If your data shows one specific email isn’t helping move leads through the funnel, or recipients are increasingly unsubscribing and/or reporting spam, it’s time to adjust your messaging schedule.

Keep in mind that your prospects may be receiving emails from more than one agent, so keep content fresh and original. Look at ineffective emails as a test, not a failure. You’ll no longer be wasting time on a message that isn’t resonating with your prospects and you can focus on different subject matters that drive results. With time, you will discover what is successfully reaching different segments of your email lists.

Real Estate Lead Generation
Finding the Right Technology Partner

With the right systems and processes in place, you can focus on what you do best

Competition moves quickly. If you are not thinking about how to structure and leverage your database for multi-channel marketing, it will become steadily more difficult to compete in the future. BoomTown takes all the pieces and elements into consideration in every feature of our system. By matching intents through the CRM, you become highly relevant to your audience. Once they become confident in the insights you provide, they will grow to trust you enough to do business with you.

Just as people will partner with real estate professionals to help them buy or sell a home, partnering with BoomTown is a smart move to help you navigate real estate marketing and grow your business.

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