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How to Win at Selling Smart Homes

Smart House

The real estate community has embraced technology to help sell homes – online listings, virtual tours, text response, and scheduling systems have become vital tools of the trade. So, it only makes sense that this tech evolution would eventually lead real estate agents to sell high-tech homes that use smart hubs and devices to enhance the homeownership experience.

Because using and selling technology aren’t necessarily the same thing, real estate agents can benefit from a little guidance about the best ways to sell a smart home to prospective buyers. If you find yourself with a smart home listing, we’ve given you the know-how you need to give you an edge and help you move that property.

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Smart Homes by the Numbers

If you haven’t already sold a home with smart features, chances are you will in the near future. Here’s a quick look at just how ubiquitous this smart home trend has become so you can understand why you should start selling this kind of property now:


Top Smart Home Devices

Not all smart home devices have the same draw for consumers. One survey reports that the most appealing smart home products are connected cameras, video doorbells, smart lightbulbs, and smart locks. Make sure you can sell the “wow” factor by knowing which smart home devices are in demand, especially those related to security and energy management.


Smart Security

Smart security encompasses a wide range of interconnected devices: everything from security cameras and motion sensors to smart door and window sensors. And homeowners love this technology because it gives them control over their home no matter where they are.

A smart garage door eliminates the worry over whether or not a homeowner left the garage door open. Other smart devices can allow them to unlock the doors and let in the house sitter without having to give out extra copies of the house keys. Smart security also gives owners eyes on their home via live streaming on their smartphone. For people with kids or pets, this feature adds extra peace of mind during the workday or while running errands.


Smart Energy Management

Many modern homebuyers are incredibly concerned with cutting down energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint. Smart technology makes it easy for homeowners to reach those goals. Whether it’s smart lighting or smart climate control, programmable devices can adapt to and learn the homeowners’ habits and preferences to help eliminate waste while providing them with comfort and convenience.


Tips to Help a Smart Home Sell

Smart home features should give you an advantage when selling the property, but there are some unique considerations that you need to keep in mind. Use these tips to help you market and explain the benefits of purchasing a smart home:



  • Know the system and features you’re selling. Talk with the sellers and ask them to show you their smart home setup. The more familiar and comfortable you are with the features, the better you can answer potential buyers’ questions—and the more at ease you’ll make them feel.
  • Create a guide for potential buyers. Smart home tech is new to a lot of people, and although many are excited by it, some may feel intimidated. It can be worth the time to put together a quick guide that highlights the ease and convenience of smart home features and addresses potential concerns and objections.
  • Address privacy concerns. Smart devices connect to the internet and use it to keep track of information. Many devices back up data to the Cloud, which presents some potential security risks when transferring control to the new owners. You can help your sellers and buyers navigate this transition by using a checklist to help each party know what they must do to protect their personal information. 

The smart home movement is exciting and brings new layers to the real estate market. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve by doing your research and staying up to date on news in the home automation industry. After all, it may have started out as smart thermostats and remote-controlled locks, but new gadgets like smart refrigerators that can remind you when to pick up more milk are hitting the market on a regular basis. Don’t get caught unaware. Do your homework, and you’ll be the next smart-home-selling superstar.

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