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Spring is Coming: Get Seller Leads & Step up your Listing Game


“He who controls the listings, controls the market.” Tom Ferry speaks the truth. So as temperatures warm and markets heat up, let’s make sure you’re setting the right strategy. Here’s how to generate seller leads, win more listings, and control more market share.

The most successful agents dedicate time and resources to three main things:

  1. prospecting and generating seller leads through digital ads
  2. effectively marketing their listings through social media ads and open houses
  3. following up with effective communication strategies and dynamic retargeting ads.


Finding and Effectively Targeting Seller Leads

Generating seller leads online requires an effective digital strategy. It’s all about using technology to target efficiently, capture information, and continue to follow-up and provide value to your seller prospects.

  • Target seller leads with location-based ad campaigns that drive them to your website or a home valuation landing page.
  • Leverage landing pages that offer instant value. Home Valuation pages entices visitors with instant reports on their home’s value and a summary of the market area.
  • Successfully capture lead information and property details and leverage a CRM to automatically add this to your database, and fill in missing information, even if they only submit an address.
  • Build advertising campaigns through channels such as Instagram and Facebook to highlight active listings, promote open houses, and showcase successfully sold properties.

Best Practices for Following up with Seller Leads

To help you get an instant game plan, here’s a free template for a 10-week, 11 touch seller lead follow-up plan. Remember throughout the follow-up process, the fundamentals are still your friends:


Speed to lead. Respond as quickly as possible to new leads. Every minute counts

Value Adds. Give them what they need before they even know they need it with helpful, relevant information like market reports for their neighborhood, e-Alerts on similar properties, and target them with ad campaigns that highlight your sold properties

Consistent Follow-up. Include a variety of follow up methods in your nurture plan: calls, emails, texts, social


Even if they are a ways out from selling their home, or unresponsive, it’s certainly worth keeping them involved in your digital marketing efforts. That way, when the time does come when they’re ready for help, you’ll be the person they turn to. With the right technology, and automated processes, nurturing seller leads can be a breeze.



Winning the Listing

Listen and Learn About Your Prospect

The goal is to be chosen as their listing agents. The strategy is to figure out what your customer’s needs, wants, issues, and challenges are, and show how you can deliver.
Ask the necessary pre-qualifying questions to start:

  • What’s your goal?
  • Where are you moving?
  • What is your motivation for moving (why are you moving)?
  • What is your ideal timeframe?
  • What’s your Plan B if this doesn’t work out?


Come Prepared like an Expert

Come ready with comps for the last 30-90 days. But also show your expertise and neighborhood know-how by actually walking them through the properties. Go through photos and virtual tours to show the details, what was compelling to buyers, etc.


Show-off your database and tech-savvy

Leverage your software platform to show how easy you could make the process for them.

Give them examples of how many buyers you can reach immediately looking for homes just like theirs.


Mock up a listing ad to showcase their property through social media marketing, and explain how you can create dynamic ads to re-target folks who might have left your site, but have shown real interest in the property.


Highlight how you can keep their property top-of-mind to the right buyers.


You can create a case study on how the last house listed with you sold. Maybe it was above asking, or sold quickly, or even give a great example of your standard of service. Include numbers and examples of past ad campaigns.


Marketing Your Listings to Wow Seller Leads



Creating digital campaigns that showcase your listings is one of the most effective marketing tools to leverage. Your target audience is online. They’re on Facebook and Instagram, and it’s crucial to deliver your message where they’re putting their attention.



Social media marketing, building campaigns, setting budgets, meta descriptions and title tags can throw you for a loop if you’re not experienced. Leverage digital marketers to help create and manage your campaigns effectively, or a software platform that takes the heavy-lifting off your plate.


Marketing Central, BoomTown’s self-serve advertising portal is incredibly user-friendly. In seconds you can create campaigns that generate more leads, re-engage leads, and promote listings. Just a few clicks and you can easily:


  • Build advertising campaigns through channels such as Instagram and Facebook to highlight active listings, promote open houses, and showcase successfully sold properties.
  • Create dynamic ads for real estate (DARE) to generate content that a lead would be most interested in
  • Prove value to seller clients by showing how many prospects have viewed a listing


Campaigns can be created to promote listings or sold homes, to re-engage olds leads or to go after “abandoners,” (those who have taken action on a website or listing but didn’t register). They can be run on Facebook, Instagram, or both.


So, do you have everything you need to take the selling season by storm? We’re here to help make sure you seize every opportunity.


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