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Bob Lucido // The Bob Lucido Team

The Bob Lucido Team is the #1 Keller Williams team in the world, comprised of over 150 real estate professionals.

Bob didn’t set out to be the #1 team. He set out to be the most respected team in the nation. That integrity and vision is what has driven his growth and maintained his status as a top producer.

Building an All-Star Team by Providing Value

Bob had three goals from the very beginning.



Becoming the most respected team in the nation means building a community of partnerships. It means hiring strategically and then adding as much value to those agents as possible. To meet two of his goals (have fun and make money) that means providing his agents with the best technology, tools, and company culture.

“I have many weaknesses, but one of my greatest strengths is team building, helping people grow their team. And that’s why we’ll hopefully exceed over $800 million in sales this year by helping people grow their businesses.”


BoomTown made it possible for Bob to attract top talent. With a robust system of expert lead generation and management, he had a pipeline in place to show potential hires. Every day his team takes advantage of tools like the NOW Opportunity Wall, which prioritizes the hottest leads in real time based on the lead’s actions. They take advantage of SmartDrip texting and emailing, which automates their lead follow-up, allowing personalized communication at the most opportune time – without the grunt work.

The Bob Lucido Team looks for these five things when they recruit talent:

  • Are they a team player?
  • Are they coachable and willing to learn?
  • Do they have integrity? Will they do the right thing?
  • Are they service-oriented?
  • Do they have the “tiger in their eye”? Are they passionate and driven?

“What keeps me up at night is wondering how I can deliver more to my partners here. And they’re not my agents. I call them partners because we’re partners in their business. They’re partners in my business. How can I deliver so much value that nobody will ever want to leave?”

Agent Accountability = More $ for Everybody

So you’ve got the foundation in place, you’ve made the right hires, and your team is growing. As a leader, agent accountability and communication now become paramount if you want to become a top producer.

With technology from BoomTown, Bob has a tool for agent accountability right in his back pocket. The Leaderboard lets you know how your agents are performing – by the numbers – so you can celebrate successes and encourage improvement for those who are falling behind. Daily activity reports put everyone’s to-do’s right at your fingertips, keeping agents accountable for their lead follow-up. Never let an opportunity fall through the cracks.


“If you don’t have results, you’re not going to be able to continue being in business. So we hold people accountable. They’re going to hold us accountable to the tools that we promised to provide to them. And you better produce results, or you’re not going to be around long.”

maximize accountability tools

Be Everywhere. Seriously, Everywhere.

You can’t go too far in the state of Maryland without seeing Bob – and all of that exposure has helped to build his ironclad brand. They advertise in baseball fields, soccer fields, the back of moving trucks, TV, radio, print, direct mail, movie theaters — they even advertise in church bulletins. If you refer somebody, they’ll donate $1,000 back to that church. Good business with integrity.

One of the nicest compliments I get is when we’re listing a house, and we ask, “How did you hear about us?” They say, “How could we NOT hear about you? You’re everywhere!”


With BoomTown, The Lucido Team has a built-in digital marketing partner. The absolute best search, display, and mobile advertising are constantly in gear. They have a sleek and effective consumer-facing website, built to convert more high quality leads. He has a team of expert digital marketers in his corner, working to get the absolute lowest cost per lead and the absolute highest ROI from his ad spend.

“When people in Maryland think of real estate, we want them to think of the Bob Lucido team. You think of baseball, you think of Cal Ripken, the Orioles, McDonalds… We want that brand recognition. So we’re very sensitive and enthusiastic about promoting our brand.”

Embrace Technology

What’s the best business advice that Bob Lucido has ever gotten? Test everything.

Throughout his 40+ years in the industry, Bob has understood that a prosperous business needs to be proactive and adaptable. It’s how he’s managed to become the #1 KW Team in the world. Real estate is a dynamic industry, and the tech landscape is always shifting. Understanding this, The Bob Lucido team invested in technology. BoomTown tests and tracks everything from lead interaction to ad performance, website traffic to email and text communication.

Using data intelligence, BoomTown instantly matches the right buyers to the right properties. Before BoomTown, someone on Bob’s team had to do this one by one. Based on their volume of leads this would take an entire day. With countless other automations, the technology maximizes productivity while freeing up time for agents.

“We all have strengths. Mine is not technology. I know enough to know what I don’t know. But I surround myself with great people that know a lot more than I do. So back in 2008 we weren’t strong into technology… So it kind of evolved. BoomTown was good then, but it’s great now. They do a really nice job and deliver on our investment. I endorse BoomTown heavily, I think it really plays a significant role in our business.”