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The Craziest True Stories from Real Estate Agents in the Field

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Selling homes is a very “up-close-and-personal” business. With so many home visits and showings, agents are bound to run into a few awkward, humorous, and downright r-rated situations. Every agent has a tale to tell, and we love hearing them!


Here are a few of our favorites.

The “New Best Friend”

Agent Sandi was in the right place at the right time when she accompanied her boyfriend (now husband) to a flooring job in Sparks, NV. On a trip to the trailer outside she met the sweet next door neighbor (We’ll call her Nora). Nora, 89-years-old, just happened to be thinking about selling her home. Sandi gave Nora her card, and a few weeks later she had an appointment. After meeting with 3 other Realtors, Nora ultimately went with Sandi, because “she seemed the kindest.”


Nora planned to leave Sparks, NV and move back to Carmi, IL. As the sale came to a close, Sandi and Nora had become quite good friends. “I could sit back and talk to her for hours.” About a week before her home was to close escrow, Nora told Sandi that she was making the drive to Carmi by herself with only her two small dogs. (Sparks, NV to Carmi, IL is a 28-Hour Drive). Sandi just couldn’t bear the idea of Nora making the drive by herself, so she called her and let her know that she’d be driving her herself. Sandi booked a return flight, and made the plans – without even a second thought.

“She cried so hard she couldn’t speak. The next day, I mapped out the trip with her and we left two days after her home closed. We are now best friends, she is 89, I’m 46. Truly one of the most amazing opportunities. She has since moved back to Reno and we speak almost daily.”

The “Too-Much-Information Autocorrect”

Have you ever sent a text or email and immediately wished there was a “cancel” option? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And we can only imagine how embarrassed this client was when she noticed this little autocorrect snafu.



Thanks, Reanna, for the hilarious reminder to always “look before you send!”

The “Ticket to the Gun Show”

Agent Cody’s introduction to the real estate industry had a little more “action” than most agents experience to say the least! During a showing for his very first deal, the seller of the house gave Cody the go-ahead to do a walk through. As they entered, he calmly informed him that he’d be waiting in the garage with his guns because he was avoiding an arrest warrant.


After they closed, he barricaded himself in the house. Paranoid and clearly under the influence, he wouldn’t allow the movers to come in out of “fear that they would steal his tools.” They avoided the cops at the buyers request, and eventually the seller allowed Cody and the buyer to personally load his tools and finish the move-out process. All the while the seller was heavily armed, yet Cody somehow “kept his cool.”

“I think it’s safe to say the business only got easier from there!”

**Safety First! Always be aware of your surroundings in the field, and take precautions so you are prepared in an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation.**

The “Birthday Suit Surprise”

Agent Suzie had cleared a time with her seller to be out of the house for a showing, and moved forward with her walk-through as per usual. However, “Mr. Seller” must have forgotten to set an alarm, because he overslept and completely forgot about the showing.



She heard him shuffling out of his bedroom, and instinctively yelled, “Realtor!” as a heads up. Once he realized what was happening he ran back into his room, but it was just enough time for Suzie and the buyers to get a 360 view of a very nude Mr. Seller, wearing only his slippers.


Not exactly the “breathtaking views” they had anticipated…

The “Not-So-Done Deal”

Every agent knows the frustration of a deal that falls through at the last minute, often after months of time invested. Agent Chet’s clients, a married couple from California, were moving to Montana. A national title company had given them the clear in writing to close on their new Montana home, so the buyers closed on their California home, packed up and began their trip.


Fast forward a day, and to Chet’s horror the national title company had made an error. The title agent they’d been working with had been fired, and the new agent found a 200k+ lien against the home. Talk about a nightmare! So Chet is scrambling to fix this massive mixup, all the while, the buyers are on the road to what they think is their new home.

“Thankfully they were able to get it cleared up, and we only had to close about a week late. But it was an extremely brutal week.”

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