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To Call or Text? The Value of a Hybrid Approach

Real Estate Prospecting Tips

In real estate, it’s all about that first impression. A strong first touch and effective follow-up are critical for converting leads to clients. So, we’ve been gathering data to learn what methods work best for lead conversion.

Unique Benefits of Calling Vs. Texting

With recent floods of robo dialers and spam calls, it’s easy to see why texting has become a popular choice for agents. Texting has the advantage of delivering messages with high open rates, versus calling which requires an answer to get the conversation going. With a text, you also have the ability to show and not just tell. You can easily include links to properties, your website, etc., without the added step of an email. Another advantage that almost goes without saying is that texting is the preferred method of communication for millennial and Gen Z consumers. And generations across the board have grown more comfortable with texting with businesses. In fact, a recent study showed that 39% of businesses use texting to talk to customers. [Zipwip, 2019]
However, phone calls oftentimes still reign supreme in the minds of real estate professionals. Why? Because they’re in the business of relationships. The human-to-human connection is where they thrive.

We hear it all the time; “If I can just get them on the phone, I’ll close the deal!”




So, what’s the most effective approach?

We recommend a hybrid approach. Based on our data, a text-to-call strategy works really well. Leverage the automation, consistency, and high open rates of a text message to start the conversation and build that trust to then invite the lead to a phone call.
Use the text to introduce yourself and immediately display value. Then, schedule a call or (better yet) bring the text conversation to a point of engagement where the phone call actually feels natural and easy.

Looking for the perfect text script?

Here are two top-performing openers from the texting data we’ve collected.

  • 21.38% Engagement: “Hi (visitor name) this is (agent name) with (company). I wanted to send you some listings. Which neighborhoods are you looking in?”
  • 41.42% Engagement: “Is this (visitor name)?”
  • Let BoomTown handle the outreach for you.

    Here’s a trend that I’ve noticed in my 10+ years of working alongside real estate professionals. The most successful agents and brokers tend to do these 3 things: prioritize their time based on dollar-productive activities, leverage the value of their database, and diversify and grow their lead sources. Agents should be out in the field, going to appointments, shaking hands, making connections, closing deals. Not bogged down in the trenches of follow-up.
    But, those texts and calls that engage new leads are critical for building a healthy book of business. The reality is, most agents simply don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with it on their own. That’s why BoomTown recently announced a new program called Success Assurance. This program uses a lead concierge to handle the qualification and initial follow-up for you. Allowing you to jump in when the leads are ready. We’re gathering data and feedback from our clients to continuously improve the lead engagement experience and boost lead conversions.
    Those clients of ours who have taken advantage of the Success Assurance program have already seen remarkable results and we’re excited to empower agents in this new era of technology that works smarter and harder.

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