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What Should I Share on Social Media?

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

We’ve all been there: desperate to drum up some content for our social media pages, or knowing you should be sharing something, but avoiding it altogether. Whether you’re scared of sharing the wrong thing, or drawing a blank on content altogether, we’ve got you covered. After years of helping our clients boost their brands through social media, here are our tried-and-true strategies, and exactly what you should be sharing on social media.




First things first, whether you’re new to the social media game, or looking to increase the quality of responses and engagement to your current feeds, it helps to have a strategy to outline content goals, and guide your posts on each channel.

Your strategy may shift and develop over time, but at its core, should remain steady and stay in line with your overall business objectives. The key is to cater to your brand, your audience, your goals and your habits.

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Share Content That Showcases Your Brand

Social channels dedicated to your business need to represent your brand, and we don’t just mean the logo and color! This plays into the actual content you share, the tone of your posts, and the goals you’re trying to achieve.


  • Promote polarizing topics (politics, religion, anything you would avoid at a dinner party with strangers)
  • Be repetitive with listing photos and self promotion
  • Make it all about the business. You want to be engaging and let your culture shine!


  • Share relevant insights on your local community and market
  • Congratulate clients on closings, anniversaries, etc.
  • Post photos and videos from team outings and office happenings to humanize your brand

When it comes to sharing things that reflect your brand, a good rule of thumb is for every 10 posts, 1 or 2 can be about a listing. For the rest of the posts, be conversational and don’t be afraid to mix in photos and videos into your posts for some extra flavor. You want to share content that stands out in all the noise!

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Create Content that Speaks to Your Audience

It’s time to take a look at your typical buyers and sellers. Who are these people? What are their interests/preferences/lifestyles? In some cases, they may have preferences similar to your own. Are you frequently using Twitter in your personal life, or are you more of a Facebook user? Keep your average customer top of mind when you are planning your content.

If your audience skews older, they are more than likely going to be more frequent users of Facebook and Instagram as opposed to Snapchat.

Knowing your target audience helps you choose the best social channels for your business and equips you to use the targeting features that each of those channels has to offer. Take advantage of demographic and interest targeting for your advertising on social channels, so you can continue to effectively build your addressable audience.

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Share Content that Promotes Your Business Goals

At the end of the day, everything you do in your business should be done with a goal in mind. From high level goals, such as a target GCI or number of sides, down to the post you published last Wednesday, you need to know what you are looking to accomplish with your actions!

For example, are you looking to educate and share knowledge? Include insightful, market-specific comments about a news article you are sharing to highlight your industry and market knowledge.

Even if you are linking to a news source or community website, share a link to your website as well, to help followers learn more about a particular topic, or to search homes in a specific area. If those options are not relevant, at least tell the user how they can reach you if they have questions. Don’t be afraid to use the private messaging functions in each platform! This can spark many meaningful relationships.

And remember, no matter what you are sharing, always be sure to include a call to action!

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Set Realistic Content-Sharing Goals for Yourself

The worst thing you can do is build a social profile for your business and then leave it unattended!

  • Dedicate a person on your team to take on your social accounts
  • Rotate responsibilities among your team members
  • Set a posting schedule and expectation guide to keep everyone accountable.

If you do not have someone available to assist with posting and managing your social accounts, take advantage of the scheduling opportunities offered within your channels of choice.You’ll still want to mix in more time-sensitive posts every now and then, (last minute events, news, market updates and occasionally listings), but scheduled posts are easily leveraged for sharing content and saving time!

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Track Your Social Media Efforts

Tracking your post performance through your social channels is crucial to knowing what type of content is paying off and what isn’t.

You can use each channel’s built-in analytics and insights, links containing utm tracking codes to your website, call tracking numbers,or the channel’s pixel (if you’re running paid advertising). All of these options are great ways to see what’s boosting your business and what needs improvement.

A fun and easy way to track mentions as well as encourage engagement is to create a hashtag for yourself or your business. Encourage your clients to use this hashtag whenever they mention you so you can keep track. This is also some great free marketing!

Keep the Conversation Going

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you are interacting with your followers, commenters, interactors and even detractors on your posts and ads. Even if it’s a negative comment, you should always respond appropriately.

This is a solid plan to help you establish and grow your audience and digital community, but starting and continuing the conversation is pivotal to the success of your social strategy and will allow you to ultimately develop that relationship offline as well.

There are so many prospects in our digital world. Make sure they’re seeing your brand first!


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