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How to Build a Profitable Real Estate Team and Get Out of the Grind

The good, the bad, and the ugly of true business ownership & achieving financial freedom “The grind” has become a badge of honor these days, but in reality, nobody wants to work themselves into the ground and still not reach their financial goals. Too many real estate professionals are working excessive hours, enduring high stress, and not making enough money at the end of the day. Lars Hedenborg, founder of Real Estate B-School, wants to change that. Join us for this free webinar as Lars teaches how to turn those habits around and build a business based on the freedom of time & money.

The How-Tos We’ll Cover:

  • How to understand economic and people models
  • How to shift your mindset
  • How to implement the right tools & systems to make it possible
  • How to think like a business owner