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How to Get Yourself on the RealTrends 1000

In real estate, we dream big. And every year the RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand list celebrates agents, brokers, and teams who are absolutely crushing their market! Fortunately, the list is always dominated by BoomTown users, (like this month’s expert speakers Zach & Mariana Castillo) and we get the opportunity to share their chart-topping insights. 

In this webinar, Zach Castillo, Associate Broker & Sr. Listing Agent and Mariana Castillo, Sr. Buying Agent of The Castillo Group, share their top strategies for staying ahead of the curve.

The How-To's We'll Cover:

✔ How to shift your business model in shifting markets
✔ How to focus on what really matters
✔ How to build a strong foundation
✔ How to nurture and engage your sphere
✔ How to leverage tools to get an edge