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On-the-Go Without a Plan? Use These Texting Templates for Your Real Estate Leads

real estate texting

Unanswered phone calls and unopened emails are clear signs that your leads need a different type of communication. Fortunately enough, our results prove texting goes above and beyond expectations.

If you want to start texting your leads, or are already texting with below average response rates, try out our text templates below:

But First, the Numbers …

There is no way around the stats, texting rules the world when it comes to response rates. It is already clear through BoomTown’s NOW app that texting is rising above phone calls.

What makes this much easier is having team texting templates (or email, or phone scripts) at the ready for you and your team.

Resource: 7 Emails You Should Send to Real Estate Leads

At BoomTown, we preach speed to lead. This means you respond to your lead as soon as possible. In an ideal world this would be under 5 minutes.

With helpful integrations and tools such as the Mojo Dialer, these responses are much easier to handle in real time.

However, having your central hub of technology also easily accessible on your phone creates an ecosystem prepared to handle incoming leads on the go.

Since we are constantly running the numbers for our own mobile app, it is clear the speed to lead is much faster with texting versus calling.

Does this mean you should only text your leads? Absolutely not!

Each potential client is their own person and as such, will prefer different types of communication.

Varying your communication model though will take your lead follow-up strategy to the next level.

Rules of Real Estate Texting

These response rates and easy to use tools are exciting, but don’t get carried away without proper preparation.

Remember, this is texting, not an email. And just as email has parameters you should follow (learn those here), you need to cater your messaging to the correct outlet.

Always keep in mind these 5 things before you text:

  1. Conciseness rules. Your texts should be short and to the point. No need to text if you are only going to make it as long as an email.
  2. Casual conversation. Texts are more personal, but also meant to be quick. Get to the point and never forget to have a specific purpose to your message.
  3. Don’t be creepy. This is more casual form of communication, so make it fun, but considerate of the fact that it is going directly to someone’s phone messages which can seem like an infraction upon personal privacy if it isn’t done in good taste.
  4. Give them an action to take. Don’t be wishy washy. You have been gifted with a  phone number, now use it wisely. Texts without direct calls-to-action are the real estate equivalent of your mom throwing away all of your Halloween candy.  
  5. Have a follow-up plan. What is your response if they rebut your message? Plan out potential responses for the most common circumstances. Then you’ll be ready no matter what!

Real Estate Texting Templates

Let’s get down to business. The following templates are simple and to the point. They can be spruced up to fit your voice, customer, and brand, but always remember to review the texting rules in the last section before you customize and press send.

Buyer Option #1:

Hi [insertnamehere], it’s Megan with The Real Estate Group. I wanted to email you some listings. Any specific neighborhoods you want to browse?

Buyer Option #2:

Hi, this is Megan with The Real Estate Group. I’m setting up my showing calendar for the week, would you like to see any specific properties?

“No” response: No worries! Do you have an idea as to when you would like to start visiting properties?

Double “No” response: Whenever you’re ready, I would love to chat. In the meantime, here are a few neighborhood guides to nail down where you would be interested.

Buyer Option #3:

Hey [insertnamehere]! What is your availability over the next few days? If you have any time, I can set up an appointment to browse a few homes to get a better idea of what’s out there.

Buyer Option #4:

How long have you been searching for a home? It can completely be a tedious process, especially with the market right now. Let me know the basics and I can send you what we have right now!

Buyer Option #5:

Hi [insertnamehere], thanks for registering on our website. How can I help you with your search?

Confirm Showing Option:

This is to confirm your showing on (MM/DD). If you have any questions, call me at (###) ###-####!

Post-Call Attempt:

Hi [insertnamehere], thanks for registering on [websitenamehere]. I tried to give you a call, but I’m sure you’re super busy. Let me know how I can help in your home search!

No response/I’m not looking response: No worries! What specifically are you looking for and I will send along the listings when I find the perfect fits.

Seller Option:

Hi [insertnamehere], thanks for registering on [websitenamehere]. Would you like a more detailed version of your home valuation? If you’ve completed any renovations it’s interesting to see the value change.

BoomTown’s NOW app allows teams to readily store templates to use on-the-go at their disposal. You can take the app for a test drive here if you aren’t already putting it to good use!

Test Drive the NOW App Templates

The ISA Model and Texting

Texting features are fantastic for training new hires and ISAs. It is a simple and relatable way for people to connect right off the bat.

Brand consistency is vital and oftentimes company leaders forget to maintain accountability with their level of service and brand.

Using templates removes this pressure and guarantees your voice is heard in a consistent manner. Read more about the ISA Model here

Want to see how easy it is to use templates? Test out how we do things by clicking on the link below!


real estate texting templates


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